IT Disposal and deployment


When discarding IT equipment, it is important to securely remove data and dispose of the asset in an environmentally responsible manner. We offer a one stop solution for your business, tailored to suit your needs.


  • Onsite Asset Decommissioning – We disconnect and decommission your assets before removal
  • Onsite Audit – We provide a full audit report onsite
  • Secure Data Destruction – We offer tailored data destruction solutions
  • Responsible Ewaste Recycling – We maintain full chain of custody of your decommissioned assets, dismantling and recycling them at our facility
  • IT Asset Buyback – We provide an upfront buyback offer for any assets with residual value


RCube offers reliable, high security deployment services completely from scratch, with configuration, operations, integration to deployment, data migration and device placement.


RCube ensures safe transportation and redeployment of your IT assets; our system works as below:

  • Disconnection/Reconnection of the asset
  • Removal of existing cables
  • Server racking/deracking
  • Physical cleaning of assets
  • Removal and recycling of redundant assets

our trusted


What our customers say

RCube Solutions helped us to remove all our old equipment from our IT store room on a very short notice. Will be using their services again.

NATHAN JOHNSON - IT Infrastructure Manager

Thank you – the service was great. Collection made on time and flexible as we had to reschedule the first collection job at the very last minute. Communication was responsive and efficient.

TONY GALLAGHER - Service Delivery Manager

I highly recommend them for their professionalism and response time. They delivered a mammoth task of relocating our IT room without a hiccup. Thanks RCube Team.

AIDAR MATHEW - IT Services Manager