IT Asset & Disposal


IT Asset & Disposal

How and when do you dispose of your devices such as computers, laptops, hard drives?

Most of us throw it away or at least try to erase the data beforehand.

The equipment may not be fit for use anymore but the data saved on our devices are stored even after the trash is emptied. Without proper data wiping or destruction, confidential business information can be easily leaked; this creates a great risk for the business, its reputation, and stakeholders such as consumers, employees, and shareholders.

 Conscious disposal of unused IT assets is required to fulfill corporate social responsibility whilst also saving company funds and supporting a solid risk management strategy.

 When considering asset disposal, be sure to observe:

  • Whether or not the assets are working/can be re-used
  • Whether or not the asset meets the current needs of the company

 Unused IT still hold residual value; By removing the assets from their working premise, they can be assessed for refurbishment or remarketing.

 How do you get value for your assets? Due to the increasing decline in the lifespan of IT equipment, it is vital that companies maintain and manage their IT equipment to recover the most from their asset disposal.

 Many organizations have delayed the implementation of their IT Asset disposition program due to the perceived cost. Unfortunately, the cost of losing control of old equipment far outweighs the cost of establishing this program. Companies need to be aware that regardless of the working condition of assets, data can always be retrieved.

 Remarketing old IT equipment assists in maximizing the company’s ROI while minimizing environmental impact. The secondary market for used IT equipment is huge. Many companies have budgets to purchase new equipment and purchasing second-hand equipment can help save costs and assist in optimizing IT spending.

 So the disposal of IT Assets should be completed responsibly. At RCube, we offer a one-stop solution for this, tailored to suit your needs.


  • Onsite Asset Decommissioning – We disconnect and decommission your assets before removal
  • Onsite Audit – We provide a full audit report onsite
  • Secure Data Destruction – We offer tailored data destruction solutions
  • Responsible E-waste Recycling – We maintain full chain of custody of your decommissioned assets, dismantling and recycling them at our facility
  • IT Asset Buyback – We provide an upfront buyback offer for any assets with residual value


RCube offers reliable, high-security deployment services completely from scratch, with configuration, operations, integration to deployment, data migration, and device placement.


RCube ensures safe transportation and redeployment of your IT assets; our system works as below:

  1. Disconnection/Reconnection of the asset
  2. Removal of existing cables
  3. Server racking/deracking
  4. Physical cleaning of assets
  5. Removal and recycling of redundant assets


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