Ewaste Recycling

Our Ewaste Recycling Solution adheres to our 'zero landfill policy' ensuring that all electronic waste that enters our business, leaves our business for reuse or commodity recycling. Assets undergo a screening process to determine whether they can be reused, recovered or recycled.

Items we Recycle

Printers, Mobile Phones, tablets, servers, switches, PCs, Laptops, LCDs, IT Peripherals & UPS

Our Certificate of Destruction

How your data is managed

As part of ewaste collection, your data is securely destroyed through your chosen data destruction service.

Available Collection Options

Based on client's requirements, type of assets & location, clients are able to choose one or a combo of the following.

  • Onsite technician collection
  • Secure ewaste bins/cages
  • Collection of palletised assets
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We are compliant & certified to:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • AS/NZS4801
  • AS/NZS5377

ISO 14001 & AS/NZS 5377 ensures that our ewaste processing is conducted in a safe and environmentally conscious manner, guaranteeing complete diversion from landfill.

Our Certificates

Ewaste Recycling Related Solutions

Data Destruction

Our Data Destruction Solutions are tailored to suit your business needs and are fully compliant with Australian & TNT standards.

Data Destruction

Rebate for used IT assets

We offer competitive rebate for your assets.

IT Value Recovery

Corporate IT Decommissioning

Our decommissioning team are able to securely remove assets from a working environment in a timely manner.

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